I use the Ooona tools in my classes to introduce students to cloud-based subtitling. The feedback from students is very positive. The tools are intuitive and students easily find their way around the software. As a teacher, I appreciated the flexibility of the software, for instance to adapt it to your personal preferences. There are some useful functions that make it a pleasant teaching platform, in addition to a solid professional subtitling tool. I greatly appreciated the swift help and generous advice of the Ooona Team

Nina Reviers

Tenure-track lecturer
University of Antwerp

My students simply love Ooona, so much so that, after their studies, most of them choose their products as their main tools to embark on professional subtitling. Of course, throughout the MA programme, they highly appreciate the fact that they are not tied to a computer lab to practice.

Needless to say, Ooona’s cloud Edu platform has enabled me to teach subtitling remotely, considering the circumstances this year. I believe that it helped the students feel they weren’t missing out on the learning experience despite being at home.

It is very practical to be able to view their work and insert individual feedback directly onto the platform. This saves a lot of time and avoids having to exchange files back and forth, making it an efficient didactic tool for both trainers and trainees.

Ooona’s team is very responsive, patient and has been very supportive; I am grateful for that.

Giselle Spiteri Miggiani

Lecturer in Audiovisual Translation

Department of Translation, Terminology and Interpreting Studies University of Malta

Educating future audiovisual translation professionals in non-professional software has been an issue for many universities. Standalone subtitling software has become a thing of the past. The world of artificial intelligence and cloud-based technologies in audiovisual translation has come faster than many have expected and there is a growing need to prepare future subtitlers in professional software to keep up with these changes. Thanks to the cooperation with Ooona and their understanding of the need to educate future audiovisual translators in cloud-based software, it is now possible to educate subtitlers of the future in Ooona, a state-of-the art subtitling platform that is easy to use and offers great additional features such as reviewing student work in a separate software, teaching subtitling from scratch or from a pivot template, as well as teaching SDH subtitling. Ooona also offers a very useful feature of burning and encoding completed student work. Ooona has been developed meticulously with having in mind not only professionals, but also those those who want to become subtitlers, and those who teach them. I would highly recommend Ooona to all universities teaching audiovisual translation and to professional subtitlers.

Dr Kristijan Nikolić

University of Zagreb

University of Middlesex

It is an honour for me to be OOONA Academic Partner and Instructor. I am extremely proud of having contributed to the development and dissemination of such an amazing cloud-based tool for subtitling editing, training and workflow management. The ever-increasing academic interest surrounding OOONA as a training tool for subtitling is exceptional. Cloud subtitling with OOONA is becoming standard practice in the training of future professionals around the world.

Serenella Massidda

Senior Lecturer Translation Studies – Roehampton University

I have just embarked on an exciting learning journey as an audiovisual translator, focused on subtitling. OOONA Tools is the first subtitling software I was introduced to. A user-friendly interface and an easy set-up guide enabled me to start right away. After that the software was very intuitive. I was impressed by the features and appreciate how they can facilitate the work of every subtitling professional. My favourites include a reading speed indicator and a check-and-fix function that prevents issues slipping through by making automatic adjustments. It also has a waveform graph. They took care of the technical side, allowing me to concentrate on the linguistic side of the task at hand. I found a Review option which allows the user to compare and analyse 2 subtitled files in one document – extremely useful for me. And I was delighted to see the finished work, produced with the Burn and Encode feature. OOONA’s Help page contains lots of useful information. And the team was quick to respond when I couldn’t find something. Needless to say, big players in the market use OOONA. Knowing it should give me a head start in the world of subtitling.

Yulia Greben

MSc Translation and Technology

Centre for Translation Studies (CenTraS), University College London

I have been using Ooona Tools to teach subtitling in universities around the world for several years. The tools are intuitive and easy to use, yet offer all the functionality of high-end subtitling software. The support from the Ooona team is swift and helpful, and frequently exceeds my expectations. My students find they learn quickly, are not held back by software issues, and can concentrate on improving their skills. I would recommend the Tools to anyone wanting to teach subtitling.

Dr Lindsay Bywood

Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies

Ooona tools are our students’ favorite. Although we have been using professional subtitling software for over 10 years at the University of Macerata, the flexibility, ease of use and the many possibilities offered by Ooona tools have made them win over all others. The Ooona team is always available for advice and support, in a very professional way.

Elena Di Giovanni

Associate Professor at the University of Macerata and President of ESIST